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Chef Richard McPeake - Educator of "Que"
About Chef Richard McPeake

Richard McPeake (a.k.a Educator of “Que”)

• Professional chef over 35 years!

• BBQ Pitmaster

• Graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, in Hyde Park, New York.

Currently is a Chef Instructor at Kansas City Kansas Community College

• Developed over 30 restaurant concepts in his career

• Member of the KCBS

 He has been awarded:

• 4 Culinary Excellence Award from Gilbert/Robinson &  Creative Restaurant Management.

15 Travel Holiday Awards for Food Excellence

• Is 2 time 4 Diamond Award Winner from AAA.

• Past Grand Champion of American Royal, 7 First Place Awards in catergories!

• 2008 American Culinary Federation President’s Gold Medal


Authored & Self Published: (5 Smoking & Grilling Cookbooks)

            Lastest Books:

• Backyard BBQ The Art of Smokology

On Best Seller list of for 8 years, reaching #1 Best Seller 10 times

• Simply BACKYARD BARBECUING From Grilling to Smoking

Released in Fall of 2009


Owner of Rib Stars Rub Me Tender BBQ Rubs:

            • Award Winning rubs from 2003 – 2010

            • Best Hot Rub in the World @ 2004 American Royal


Teacher & Educator of “Que”:

                  • Taught over 900 classes

                  • Reaching over 19,000 Students

His Rib Stars Rub Me Tender Rubs have won several awards for Mild and Hot rubs in 2010-2009 - 2008 - 2007 - 2006 - 2004 - 2003 including First Place at the 2004 American Royal in hot rub category.  All of RibStars BBQ Rubs are "MSG Free", Gluten Free, and ALL Natural Rubs!

Chef Richard's NEW Simply BACKYARD BARBECUING from Grilling to Smoking is On Sale Now!

About Rib Stars

The Award Winning Rib Stars BBQ TeamChef McPeake has been competing off and on for 20 years. He was a team member on the Grand Champion Commercial Division Team of the American Royal. (1982) Competing with 7 other chefs from Gilbert Robinson under the name Sam Wilson's Meat Market a local chain of BBQ restaurants during the late 70's early 80's. Richard coninued to compete for 4 more years winning several awards at the American Royal each year. Then the restaurant opening schedules became to much to keep competing and Chef McPeake called it quits in 1987!


Fast forward to 1997 American Royal, about three months before that, his good friend Bruce Campbell talked to him about possibly cooking in the Royal, McPeake's first comments were "no way, been there done that!", Bruce continue to discuss the subject and Chef McPeake was talked out of retirement by his good BBQ buddy, Bruce Campbell (F.B.G.) Together they formed the name RIB STARS!

Chef McPeake has build the name RIB STARS BBQ into a registered tradmark BBQ business, selling cookbooks and a successful line of RIB STARS Rub Me Tender® Dry rubs, Award Winners 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 for both Mild and hot rub. His Rib Rub won 1st place at the 2004 American Royal Sauce & Rub contest for "Best" Hot rub!

RIB STARS is now entering its 15 year of competition, there have been good years and bad years! But in the last 9 years the RIB STARS team has won over 300 awards while only competing in an average of 10 contest a year.

The team only travels as far as one hour outside of of the Kansas city Area.

Together Bruce & Richard have been teaching Art of Smokology classes and Grilling classes at The Culinary Center of Kansas City in Overland Park (MBQI-Midwest barbecue Instittue) they have taught over 900 classes teaching over 19,000 students in the Art of Smoking and Grilling.

A True success story about friends, having hobbies and a true "love" for the ART!